On the Principal Desk Nirmal Education Society was established in  2006 and has experienced a strong growth with a current student population of over 2000 students. Nirmal College is a friendly, vibrant and highly motivated community where we understand t…


1. BEST STUDENT AWARDS : Awarded to the Best Student from the first, Second and Third  year.
2. TROPHY: Awarded for the final year student, for excellence performance in Academic


Education is incomplete till the students attains such values as dignity of hard work, love for fellow human beings, and affinity for group activities and selfless help for the needy. These basic character traits are inculcated by a variety of co-curricular a…


Nirmal Education society is a Trust committed to the field of education. It consists of members from the field of education having ample experience in the Nobal field. Strongly believes in the welfare of community and want to bring in the desired changes in the society for welfare and development through education. NES is absolutely committed to imparting education with purity, love, concern and discipline. Youth’s the pillars of developing society are trained and developed through the institutions to cause overall development.


Admissions open for Senior Courses

Affilated To ” Mumbai University “


It is said that college education essentially is the key to success in the future. It opens many doors of opportunity and allows us to explore every option available. Yes, it is true, I am a ex student of the college proudly say that Nirmal College is an institution which helps the students to explore their talents think out of the box and come out of their comfort zone. It has helped us to know ourselves better. It is a great platform to achieve susses atlast all can say is “Nirmal College is much about finding out who you really are as it is about getting that degree”.

Clerisa Varghese, T.Y.B.Com- 2013-14 - 1st Ranker in College

There are no words through which I can probably express my most sincere views about my college. It has been an overwhelming experience being under the able guidance of lecturers with an unmamtchable zeal of ensuring and imparting the best possible knowledge which not only constitutes infusing academics and practical education but also instilling just the right values that together have landed me the great job as a C. A. ( Chartered Accountant ) that I am  in today and also having to my credit scoring full marks in most of the practical subjects in university examination.
Proud to call myself a student of Nirmal College!
Thank You!

Prem Raval - Topper 2010-11

I wonder how would I ever be able to repay the efforts put in by the staff of my college to shape and mould the careers of all their students in all possible manners. I can any time boast of the fact that I have been blessed with such great mentors who have always put their students’ benefit over their own which is why it has left me with an unforgettable and pleasant experience of having been associated with this institution which exhales excellence in all possible spheres.
Thank You!

Surbhi Jain - Topper 2015-16